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Why Plan?

Every day, people plan. They plan their day, they plan their vacations, they plan for their children’s education, and they plan for retirement. What many people don’t plan for are the biggest events in their life – incapacity, death, and succession of their business interests. Leaving these affairs unaddressed can result in unintended costs, legal fees, and emotional distress for your loved ones.

Wealth Transfer

and Estate Planning

Why plan your estate? Proper planning can minimize costs such as legal fees, court costs, other related expenses, and possibly estate and/or income taxes. Proper planning can serve to maximize the benefits to you and your family in the event you become incapacitated or disabled, provide solutions to concerns regarding your healthcare, give you peace of mind knowing that your affairs are in order, decrease the risk of litigation over your estate, reduce the time and labor expended by your loved ones, and, in the end, could maximize the wealth transferred to your loved ones after your death.

Corporate and

Transactional Matters

There can be many different legal issues/concerns to deal with in connection with the formation or acquisition of a business, maintaining and operating a business, and terminating or selling a business. As a business owner steps through the stages of owning and running a business (that is, formation or acquisition, growth and, ultimately the termination or sale of the business), it is important that she or he have quality legal and planning advice in connection the various facets of the operation. To this end, the attorneys at this Firm have many years of experience handling these types of transaction matters.


Jeff K. Rhodes

Mr. Rhodes focuses his practice in the areas of wealth transfer and estate planning, charitable planning, probate administration, tax and business planning for closely-held businesses, choice of business entity, entity formation and dissolution, business transactions, and the federal and state tax consequences related to such items.

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